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IQ Publications was established in 1995 as a division of Canada Home Tutoring Agency Ltd, which also owned the International Test Prep Centre. International Test Prep had provided test preparation courses for the LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, GRE, SAT and DAT in cities across Canada since 1984.

Over the years, it had become glaringly obvious that there was a severe lack of published material available to assist in preparation for the Canadian DAT, which is substantially different from the US version. Also, the materials that were available for the US version of the DAT offered very poor preparation for the Perceptual Ability portion of the exam, which is the same on both the US and the Canadian versions. The owners decided to publish some of the many DAT prep materials that they had produced for their students, and IQ Publications was born.

Now, IQ Publications operates as a separate company. Canada Home Tutoring Agency and the International Test Prep Centre have closed their doors.

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